How my dog made his first million

free dog treatsAre you like me wanting to earn massive amounts of money without much sweat? Well, time to learn it from the dogs…

Have you ever wondered why dogs are so popular?

  1. dogs do what their boss asks
  2. dogs look to please their boss

Now replace "boss with visitors" and "dogs with your blog" and you get:

  1. your blog does what your visitors ask
  2. your blog looks to please their visitors

In Linky Love‘s case:

  1. we will have a section coming up where you can ask us anything (related to making money on the Internet of course)
  2. we just changed our blog theme so your ads will be above the fold

In other words: people love to visit blogs that pleases their needs, just like puppies do. If you want to learn from the master pleasers then go ands adopt a puppy now or put your puppies up for adoption.

adopt puppies

Adopt a puppy for free !

How to have more free time like dogs do

Don’t you wish you could live a life of a pet dog : always wiggling your tail for being happy and having lots and lots of free time?

Well: time is money and vice versa; money can buy you time.

These days I am finding tons of good websites nobody has taken the domain name for because I got a dog doing the work for me!

All I do is typing in a keyword, go and get myself a cup of coffee, have a nice breakfast… while my dog is doing my job.

It used to take me almost 1 day to find new websites without too much competition. Now my dog finds me these websites in 10 minutes… just like dogs find truffles: it’s a real goldmine.

All I need to do is copy-paste the list in my registrar’s website and tadaa: a few other websites ready to make money with.

If you want to know the manual painstaking day job method (reckon 1 day for 1 successful keyword phrase. Take the best you found that day: at least your day was not in vain…):

  • get a list of keywords by typing in 1 keyword in sites like wordtracker…
  • take each keyword phrase and watch in the search engines how many results there are
  • evaluate these results (if your keyword phrase is "adopt a puppy" and all the search engine results return "adopt dogs"… then you don’t have a lot of competition for the exact keyword phrase…)
  • if you find a good keyword phrase, see whether the domain-name is still available…

alvin phang keyword research toolMy Keyword Research Tool Dog does this in 10 minutes with sometimes giving me not only 1 but quite a few websites to chose from!

Needless to say that now you know why there wasn’t any update here last few days… I have been overly excited and registering lots and lots of new websites. All thanks to the Keyword Research Tool Dog. Now I need a few dogs that can write…

Get yourself a dog now!

With dog I mean a program that does the work for you faster and better! Dogs you need to feed, programs you need to pay a little fee.

The "Keyword Research Tool Dog" I am talking about costs less than a days work, and it does a one day job in 10 minutes or less!

Go and get yourself a copy of my "Keyword Research Tool Dog" as this week all sales proceeds will go to the red cross!

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