How much money do carpenters make

How much money do carpenters make compared with me blogging for money? All depends on:

  • what are your goals
  • what are your skills
  • what are your tools

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How much money did (The) Carpenters make?

the carpentersThe Carpenters found a niche in the 70s when louder and faster-paced rock was in great demand. Reason why we know them is because their soft musical niche music that made them one of the best-selling music artists of all time.

But all that couldn’t prevent Karen of The Carpenters to die of anorexia nervosa at the age of only 32. Money can’t buy everything!

How much money did carpenter Joseph from the Bible make?

Joseph, the man that helped virgin marry to fled to Egypt so they were able to bring up Jesus…

It’s not stated how much money carpenters made during those days, but for all I learned from the bible:

  • have your business where there is lot’s of traffic (traders in the synagogue)
  • you can always double your money if you let it work. Just know that twice 3 is only 6 where twice 5 is already 10… the more money you have, the easier it gets
  • you don’t have to do a lot to become famous:just make sure you get seen around another famous person (who would have ever known there was a carpenter named Joseph when there wouldn’t have been Jesus

So don’t look at a persons’ pay check, but learn how they got the paycheck!

How much money do real carpenters make?

how much money do carpenters make

How much money do carpenters make?

Normally, carpenters make between 10$ to 30$ an hour. The more skillful they are, the more they can earn.

Skillful means:

  1. if they have the skills to negotiate a better price, they can earn more
  2. if they have finer carpenter skills, they can earn more
  3. if they have better tools, they can earn more

So remember that even the best carpenter can be the least paid. Just visit Bali and see how little these amazingly skilled wood-carvers are making…

Carpenters’ earnings versus Linky Love’s earnings

Compared to carpenters in Bali, Linky love is doing well, compared to carpenters in US, there is room for improvement:

  1. I am not a salesperson, so I am not that good in negotiating prices for advertising, nor am I good in selling stuff online
  2. I am not an IT person, so my money making skills are less compared to let’s say John Chow "who was born in a computer"
  3. I am resourceful and finding better tools, resulting in new websites like Adopt a Puppy for Free : 20 days young and already making more money than Gwen Stefani Clothes make in 1 month…

Monthly Earnings

Monthly earnings month 11

$ 2914.58 total

Breakdown Earnings Month 11


Know yourself

Read what I said about how carpenters can earn more money and then see for yourself where you stand:

  1. if carpenters have the skills to negotiate a better price, they can earn more
  2. if they have finer carpenter skills, they can earn more
  3. if carpenters have better tools, they can earn more

I am :

  1. not a salesperson
  2. not an IT person but
  3. I am looking for better tools in order to make more money online

One tool I bought is the complete Step-by-Step Guide on creating Profitable Blogs. From that I mainly use the "Find yourself a new niche website tool". This makes that I am starting to make more money on the Internet outside of the Linky Love blog.

Selling adspace is not my forte either, so as you can see now:

  • you can just buy adspace in 1 second here : text-link-ads for only 10$ and exposure for half a year!
  • buy adspace in 1 minute here : it gives you statistics about my visitors, so saves me the sales person talk : just look at the bare facts and decide for yourself
    • why advertising on Linky Love is a great way of attracting more visitors to your website and
    • why advertising on Linky Love is a great way of branding your products.

If you are blogging for money yourself: then evaluate where you stand.

  • if you are good in selling stuff, then by all means make more efforts there.
  • if you have a good IT background and you want to dig deeper in order to reach more, then by all means make more efforts there.
  • if you are like me: not an IT person nor a salesperson, then get yourself some good tools in order to blog better

Think outside the box…

Really look around yourself and look with eyes that monetize…

Charisma Carpenter Playboy Gallery

An example of thinking outside the "Carpenter" box is illustrated in the picture below, yet outside the box doesn’t always have to mean outside your clothes…
That’s why you can also have a look at  href="">Charisma Carpenter in a bikini …

charisma carpenter playboy gallery

Charisma Carpenter Playboy Gallery is only 1 example of
thinking outside the "Carpenter" box…

Another example about thinking about the carpenters box is selling the carpenters sticker heads in the picture higher above…

Future earnings

carpenterLike I said last month: on average we are making $300 a month. With the amount of effort I put in this blog compared to other blogs (Adopt a Puppy for Free), I should be making my target of $1000 a month already long time ago.

We have to face it: earning $3000 a year is great when you talk about pocket money in the west.

It’s even better when you talk about living in the east. It buys me 3 airplane tickets from east to west, which is great for sitting on my butt and writing about the things I love ;-)

Main thing is you do what you love, and if what you love is wood and "carpenting", then by all means become a carpenter, no matter how much money it does or doesn’t make…

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