How Laure Manaudou nude pictures attract fresh visitors

laure Manaudou sex tapeWe posted some Laure Manaudou nude pictures 3 days ago like so:

… and we saw our unique daily visitors spike to 25.000 in stead of the average unique 5000 like so:

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Laure Manaudou nude … is what attracts fresh visitors…

How to attract fresh visitors

Geek talk, content is king, keywords, optimize SEO……


Voila: 6 months Linky Love is trying to explain how you can make money online, and all it needs is a picture of Laure Manaudou in her bikini and there are all the visitors you dreamt about (well, you really didn’t dream about those visitors… but you dreamt about that amount of visitors…)

Humor attracts visitors as well!

Same day as my Laure Manaudou sexy post, a hot geek guy from France post the following Laure Manaudou completely nude photo:

laure manaudou sex

Laure Manaudou sex fun on ice…
(original post at: Laure Manaudou totalement nue)

Which also brought in a big crowd of visitors:

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Laure Manaudou porn on ice : "the F%$K oops FOQ effect"
(foq=phoque : French for the animal in the picture above on ice)
 (original post at: The Laure Manaudou nue : l’effet du phoque)

How to attract fresh visitors summarized

  • follow the hot gossip news
  • hot means a fair amount of nudity
  • add in a spicy or funny picture about the hot news

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Laura Manaudou in a bikini … and a gorgeous Laure Manaudou Wallpaper


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