How John Chow could be twice as rich!

Somebody asked me last week: who is this John Chow guy? Time for a month long review as you just cannot summarize John Chow in 1 word. You can do it in 1 smiley though: 😈

Well, if you know John Chow, you know he always drives his Corvettes head on into other corvettes… So sad 🙁

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So I thought it would be wise to give John some good advice in the weeks to come. In return I will use some tips and tricks he gives away on his site in order to make money on the Internet: a clear win-win!

John Chow improvement tip 1

Dear John,

To enjoy your corvettes longer, always drive them facing the head to the same direction. If this is still to difficult to explain in words: just look at the example of my 2 cars in the right top 😈

John Chow returned favor

John Chow is giving a link to your site if you write a review about his site following his evil review rules.

Why evil? Because John Chow won’t give you a link back using the anchor text: make money online

Now what’s the title of the Link Love website: exactly: make money online… Never mind, using the inventory keyword tool I can settle with make money on the Internet as well 🙂


  1. Those are not Corvettes 🙂

  2. Damien: John Chow has bought all the Corvettes in the entire world, so I settle with the pinky ones 🙂

    Real sad John keeps on crashing those Corvettes head on… 😈

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