How Edison Chen and Max Gogarty can increase traffic to your website

Edison Chen’s lesson: don’t put all your eggs in 1 basket

Now you don’t have to take this a literary as Chen did during his now famous Edison Chen Scandal, but it’s true: if you have more eggs in your basket, at least one will hatch, isn’t is Vincy Yeung?

Same when it comes to attracting visitors:

  • some visitors love to keep on reading over the same subject
  • other visitors want to have some variety in what they read on your website

On TV they call it:

a different channel 🙂

Some people only watch one channel, but most of us zap away between at least a few channels.

So that’s why people like John Chow and Linky Love love to ramble about much more things than just SEO, Internet Marketing and telling you how to make money on the Internet.

Max Gogarty

Isn’t he cute? And single, and looking for himself… why don’t we help him and meet him in Thailand?

max gogarty

Max Gogarty : your ideal Valentines gift 🙂

Max Gogarty isn’t involved in any scandal, doesn’t do nude pictures, earns an honest amount of money, doesn’t carry a pink laptop… sounds safe enough to me!

In his blog, you can follow what’s he up to at the very moment, call it realityTV translated in a blog:

At the minute, I’m working in a restaurant with a bunch of lovely, funny people; writing a play; writing bits for Skins; spending any sort of money I earn on food and skinny jeans, and drinking my way to a financially blighted two-month trip to India and Thailand. Clichéd I know, but clichés are there
for a reason.

Use TV as your guide for fresh visitors

I love to watch TV, not just for the news, entertainment and programs on offer, but for the latest in marketing. TV teaches you 3 things:

  • what news people are looking for (the more death people the better… sadly but true), have a look at our TOPLIST directory to see who is ranking high with "death" in his title…
  • what programs you can be sure people are interested in (if not, the TV channel will go bankrupt)
  • what products are massively lobbied (The Oprah show, plastic surgery "we want the patient to be happy" as if an operation of $50.000 doesn’t make the doctor happy…)

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