How does Squidoo work

how does squido work

Look at the above picture and ask again: how does Squidoo work?


  • Squidoo gets your good content ranking high in the search engines!(number 2 for 533.000 results!)

This just shows How Anyone With No Experience can Rank High in the Search Engines using Squidoo

Let Squidoo do the SEO for you for free

For an SEO expert like me the above picture translates into:

people without my SEO knowledge but using Squidoo could beat me in my own game.


Because they can jump the bandwagon of a big site called Squidoo known by the search engines for their good content.

And in the end content will always rule.

So how does Squidoo work exactly?

Squidoo’s motto is: Everybody is an expert in something!

how to use squidoo to make money online

Or said differently: if you only have one eye, you will still be the expert in the land of the blind.

So whatever you are an expert in, you can write about it and put it on the Squidoo website for free. In short: you post your own content and add it to the Squidoo library of good content articles.

Did I stress good content? Yes I did. If you know something that is useful for others that don’t know what you know, then you have good content.

Now for the interesting Squidoo part

  • Even without a website, you can rank high in the search engines with your Squidoo
  • Squidoo allows you to promote products (from your own or affiliate products)

Yes, Squidoo gives you an extra advantage of any other free platform like:

  • blogger: it’s free but you have no extra benefit to rank high fast using them. With Squidoo you are immediately on Google’s radar because Google knows Squidoo is all about good content and expertise.
  • article directories: they put you as fast on the Google radar as Squidoo but they do not allow you to promote affiliate products

But what if I don’t know any good affiliate product to promote and I am completely new on Squidoo? Well, you need to find an affiliate product that you would buy yourself.

If you don’t like it, then don’t insult your visitors with it.

If you are in the make money online business, there are 2 products I recommend my visitors:

  1. Atomic Blogging which teaches from scratch how to make money with a WordPress blog. This is good for complete newbies to bloggers that know about blogging but need extra help in monetizing and attracting more visitors.
  2. squidoo-queenSquidoo Queen which teaches how you can make money by writing about what you know better than others. So far I need to try out what she wrote in her ebook, but for what I read so far I see that :
    1. Kelly is knowledgeable about my field of expertise SEO and Niches and
    2. she bypasses my knowledge using her’s and Squidoo’s: the Squidoo picture above just shows how using Squidoo correctly can put you on top of the search engine even when you don’t have a blog.

Why I start promoting Kelly’s Squidoo Queen

Because she target’s :

  • people that do want to make money online but have no experience in doing it
  • people that know more than others (which really is you: you just need to think out of the box. I can give you an example: your English is most likely better than mine, so there you are already an expert 🙂 )

Or using Kelly’s words:

How Anyone With No Experience Can Make Money Online Once They Know The Basics

What I like the most about this way of making money is:

you don’t need to pay a webhost nor a domainname.

You use an existing platform that already ranks high on the search engine.

You can use your own sweet time and improve your skills or you can save precious time and invest a little money in How Anyone With No Experience Can Make Money Online Once They Know The Basics.

It goes without saying that Linky Love will be on Squidoo soonest but I won’t buzz about it as Squidoo Queen explains: never tell anybody what your niche expertise it 😈