How do you say I love you in Japanese

How do you say I love you in Japanese

How to tell a Japanese girl that you love her without her running away forever?


Make sure you never use: Aishite iru which translates to I love you but won’t get you far as it is only appropriate in Japanese love poetry or when you are really dating the younger, most modern Japanese generation..


A better way to confess your love to a Japanese girl is saying "I like you" like :


  • dai-suki : I like you a lot, or
  • taisetsu : you’re precious


Action speaks louder than words, and this is especially true when dating Japanese girls. Show your Japanese date that you love her: she has to feel it, rather than hearing it.


For sure your Japanese girl will feel your love when you are trying to make a complete conversation with her in Japanese, and not simply trying to impress her with one phrase.


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How do you say I love you in Japanese video


Listen how to say Aishite iru – I love you in Japanese – and how the girl reacts to it… backing off!



How do you write I love you in Japanese


Although not that successful in speech, writing I love you in Japanese can bring you one step closer to your Japanese girl’s heart. This video shows you how to write aishitemasu, another way of translating I love you in Japanese:



Lesson learned dating Japanese girls



Learning how to say ‘I love you’ in Japanese won’t help you that much, but you will surely impress when you learn how to speak every day Japanese words.


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