How Anyone With No Experience Can Make Money Online Once They Know The Basics

This weekend we at Linky Love are happy to introduce you how Kelly teaches other people to make money online 🙂

How Anyone With No Experience Can Make Money Online Once They Know The Basics

When I first launched Squidoo Queen in response to watching people fail to make money online I NEVER thought that I would go on to grow my members, products or success to the levels that I have in the last year. WOW, only a year ago that it all started – my, how time fly’s!

I first started out with the dream of being an internet marketer over six years ago. The first three of them were spent jumping from program to program, eBook to eBook. I ran around in circles wondering how and when I was going to start seeing some return on my investments.

After a brief spell away from marketing totally, I came back with renewed enthusiasm and dedication. I stopped wondering around cyber world and took everything that I had been taught right back to the basic concept of marketing. All the Guru’s who had made everything sound so hard and complicated were making my life hard. I decided, once and for all, to become an affiliate marketer.

Taking everything I knew back to it’s basic form and planning on working up from there showed me some amazing results. There is no need to complicate anything in marketing. Once I had this thought firmly planted in my brain, I was able to take my earnings to a level that I had once thought impossible. Keep it simple was (and still is) my motto and best of all – it works!

For the next few years I went about my affiliate marketing and did very well, until one day a friend was basically scammed by one of those big named marketers for a LOT of money. It was then that I decided to go and show people how easy it was when you knew how.

Squidoo Queen Launches

That’s when Squidoo Queen was launched and got picked up by a few friends that I had made at Wealthy Affiliate, from there it was picked up by more well known marketers and things really started to fly. The no nonsense approach that I was taking was letting people see that my methods work and work well. People started to see results in their marketing by following what I was telling them – it all took off. Since then the guide has been updated three times and is due another one which my members all get free.

When I created my Kelly Stone Marketing Blog it never entered my head that it would also become such a success. Now if you go to the blog it covers not only Squidoo, Blogging and Basic Marketing, it also hosts my free marketing course on how to get up and making money online without spending a penny.

The Free Marketing Course

This course is something that I am very proud of. Not only does it give people the help and advice that they need in order to start making money online, it shows real examples through the course and I work along side them. As each lesson arrives, they have the examples to see my own work, how I did the work and what they will need to do. The course is a complete one that teaches the basics of marketing whilst they work along.

Several of my members reported sales from lesson two! Even I was amazed that they got there that fast. It just goes to show that if you put the effort in, the rewards are not far behind.

What It’s Not

The marketing course is not something that has been designed to just sit there gathering cyber dust on your PC. The whole course comes with homework that needs to be completed at each stage by the members, so if people are looking for ‘the next big thing’ they wont find it here.

Making money online is not something that will happen overnight, it takes time and investment from people. When I talk about investment it’s not the monetary kind, it’s the investment of time. It really doesn’t matter if you trying to bring a little extra ‘pocket money’ in each month or planning on building an online business – you will HAVE to invest your time into learning first.

If you want overnight riches – play the lottery!

But, if YOU are serious about making money online then why not visit the Kelly Stone Marketing Blog and sign up for the free marketing course – It could be just what you are looking for. 😀

I’d like to say thank you to LinkyLove for requesting this article – I really enjoy reading your blog and I hope that your readers will enjoy seeing how almost anyone with no experience can start earning money online – for free!

Kelly Stone