Hot Girl’s Dating Tips 3: Confidence (Love Secrets to Secude me)

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  1. ArtanesFTW says

    @globalarte hey that’s what they assume, not what I assume. I wish we can bypass the bullshit and get on with business too.

  2. globalarte says

    @ArtanesFTW That means : a guy who knows how to courtship has a big penis ? maybe thats right.
    My point is sometimes a guy get tired of having to lie (everybody does that during courtship) and act like James Bond to get a girl.
    I’m sure in the distant future will see this ridiculous act and laugh about the ancient bimillenial humanity ( like we laugh now about the classic caveman draggin his woman from her hair :>)

  3. ArtanesFTW says

    girls automatically assume that you have small penis and that they can bring pleasure to you but you can’t bring pleasure to them, so they gotta make sure it’s worth it for them.

  4. maybe it will help you do turn off your vibrators before push record you euro trash whore! lmaooooo!

  5. travisg336 says

    what!!!! good tips, write a book.

  6. globalarte says

    Why we can’t just be honest? and say :
    Hi my name is Mr Potato Head i like your breasts and your face and your hips ,
    thats why i’m here talking to you.I know nothing about your personality nor preferences in any aspect of life ,but i feel your body as a magnet .
    Want to have sex ?
    And maybe if we understand and like each other get married ?
    (Why always this nonsense courtship?)

  7. AngeniAngevin1 says

    haanyone wanna cam and swap pics then let meh know

  8. sexymatt1985 says

    plz join this dating site the link is on my profile

  9. gartios11 says

    these girl tips are just about as good as getting a tactical nuke tutorial(CALL OF DUTY MODERN WARFARE 2 best game ever) point is i hope this works because i have NEVER had a girlfriend and im kinda sad.

  10. gartios11 says

    @AmbrosioLover i hate it when girls comment saying boys are perverted. first its not if every guy does it so wait before you comment retarted stuff(no intended hate comment)

  11. AmbrosioLover says

    You guys are so perverted staring at her breasts guys do that to me all the time and I know that she is def uncomfertable wit dat so stop k or take a pic It’ll last longer >:(

  12. GVStudios says

    lol u are so right. Funny and (slightly) arrogant always works.

  13. Itsukikohaku says

    Si lo traducen a espaƱol la hacen loco!!

  14. jack49994 says

    are you with anyone because it would seem to have more expreance with someone

  15. bamatommy says

    You remind me of Alyson Hannigan from “American Pie”. She was the “band geek” but I don’t think you look like a geek (neither does she).

  16. @thursdayguy, happened same on me. What she was saying? About what?

  17. maxhax2000 says

    yea she def pissed about guys gocking at her boobs haha. its funny to us americans dont need this advice we got the big american shank. all other country’s wish they had. well cept africa hahah

  18. maxhax2000 says

    yea she def pissed about guys gocking at her boobs haha

  19. I’ve met some hot chicks at datehotties(dot)info and i’m pretty nerdy, you just need confidence..

  20. boring. who didn’t already know all of this? seems like common sense. However, you can skip all this with a rag soaked in chloroform ftw.

  21. is that a dutch accent i hear?
    belgium or NL?

  22. can i kiss u in the lip

  23. LowLowSpinners says

    put that wooden cork from the wine bottle up in her ass when shes sleeping

  24. SecretTheatre says

    This girl is probably – and surely there’s a huge irony in this, somewhere – a virgin.

  25. LowLowSpinners says


    i was looking at her boobs at the time she said it, i was like wtf this girl is psycho

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