Hillary Clinton Nutcracker

Watch the nutcracking video of Hillary Clinton….

Hillary Clinton for president

Hillary Clinton Nutcracker

hillary clinton nutcracker

Hillary Clinton nutcracker

Luckily for any men that will cross Hillary Clinton’s road, she is well behaved: your nuts wont be cracked but make sure to wear some neck protection or your name isn’t George Bush. Talking about cracking a real nut!

Hiliary Clinton

What’s in a name you might ask? Well…

hiliary clinton

Hiliary Clinton is like you could imagine: hiliarious…

Hillery Clinton

Luckily for Hillary, she knows how to spell her name better than I do, yet:

hillery clinton

Hillery Clinton running for prezzzz?

Whatever happens, we hope that all Americans can have a good health insurance in stead of like nowadays leaving 1 out of 4 US citizens without any healthcare… That’s quite sickening you know…

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  1. Since we may be stuck with Hilary or McCain for dictator, I want to get my two cents in for the real issues. Energy Independence Now! No more Oil Wars! We need to stop paying our adversaries with oil money.

  2. @poetryman

    And start buying oil in stead of ruining an oil producing country… no winder that with instability in the region, prices go up…

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