Heidi Klum and PayPerPost

PayPerPost gets lots of slaps because they are adding "hidden"
advertisements in blogs.

heidi klumNow Heidi Klum manages in her show Project Runway to let designers at least one time design clothes for the every day person like you and me and not for the elongated skinny bitches out there.

dog treat cookbooksDid I say bitches? Gosh, I most likely didn’t mean that, I just wanted to give some Linky Love and advertise for bitches…, you know… dogs…

Serious again: I do salute Heidi Klum and Tara banks for showcasing less than super skinny models.

But, serious now: the disgust is that the designers had to design clothes for women who lost weight from 30 to 160 pounds. Do you get it? Weight loss!

project runway

Project Runway or skinny weight loss advertisement?

You cannot convince me that the weight loss industry hasn’t been lobbying to get on Project Runway for all weight loss programs out there!

Geeeez, as if all the stuff you get on the Oprah show is all "by coincidence", so what’s the big fuzz when bloggers start adding paid posts in their blogs?

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