Heath Ledger Joker

heath ledger jokerWhat’s in a name… : Heath Ledger becomes Death Ledger … could be a joke from Heath Ledger as the joker….

Unfortunately, Heath Ledger is really death after suffocating in his own vomit after taking drugs… No more making money for him…

You have a brilliant career, yet you get on drugs and get an overdose? What’s the point in working hard for the money when money is not buying what you want?

amy winehouse rehabYes, you could go in rehab like Amy Winehouse, but then that means you are already in a stage you know what is important for you: your life and your health!

So whatever you do in your life: people first, then make money online or offline…


  1. Wednesday is 1/2 way through the week…or “over the hump” = “Hump Day!”
    (I thought everyone knew that!) 😉

  2. @Olga

    Thanks for explaining, count me in and I guess that makes that you are right now: everybody knows 🙂

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