Has Kristin Davis done nudity

kristin davisHave a look at the following pictures and make your own conclusion whether Kristin Davis has done nudity. If you need a clue: some of the pictures are censored…

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kristin davis

Kristin Davis: a preview of the hotter pictures to come still

Sex and the City star Kristin Davis shows real sex in the city

If you want to attract more visitors to yourself (or jump on the bandwagon and attract more online visitors to your site) choose between :

  1. circulate 1 real porn videos and sex photos, or
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That’s right: "just create a hype" … the promise mostly sells even better than the actual delivery (isn’t that what politicians do best Hillary, Obama…).

So what’s the 1,2,3 when it comes to Kristin Davis naked pictures?

  1. Naked photos of actress Kristin Davis have spread across the Internet.
  2. Allegedly, (so could be fake…) they were taken by her ex boyfriend 16 years ago.
  3. The rumour is that there is also sex video tape, but this is not accurate, only photos are in question.

Kristin Davis Naked

In true "Britney Spears steps out of her car" style, this alleged picture of a naked Kristin Davis:

Kristin Davis Naked

Kristin Davis naked: next time you want to expose yourself…have a look at Edison Chen Scandal pictures so you know there are better sceneries to take private picture, use your toilet wisely I might say…

  1. There are about 4 other Kristin Davis naked pictures "spreading" across the Internet
  2. Allegedly, ex boyfriends and naked pictures can harm your reputation (like what happened with Laure Manaudou)
  3. The rumour is that there is also sex video tape, but this is not accurate, hence we are not able to show you…

Kristin Davis Biography

Davis was born in the early sixties as only child.

Her parents divorced… sounds like Ashley Dupre, better known as "Kristen" from the Governor Spitzer scandal (who now allegedly changed his name in Spritzer…). Kristen Davis… sounds like we have a theme here…

In 1987, Kristin Davis moved to New York, earned money as a waitress before opening a yoga studio.

10 years later Kristin got cast as Charlotte York in Sex and the City, yes, we do have a theme here…

Kristin Davis showing nipple in restaurant video

Why people love to browse the Internet for alleged pictures of Kristen Davis doing the Britney Spears car pose on a toilet, when you can have a look at much more classy pictures shot by professionals?

kristin davis showing nipple in restaurant video

Kristin Davis showing a nipple the restaurant:
video-still from Sex AND the city

Kristin Davis topless

If you are still not convinced that Kristin Davis has done some nudity, what about this topless picture?

kristin davis topless

Kristin Davis topless … alleged apparently 🙂

Kristin Davis Wallpaper

If you want a piece of Kristin Davis, just know that she is not cheap: an auction for a date with Kristin Davis has raised $US52,100, promoting her new Sex and the City movie (oh, what a coincidence her naked pictures leaked out just a few days before…).

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If you just want Kristin Davis on your screen, click her picture below to download the wallpaper.

kristin davis wallpaper

So did we convince you whether Kristin Davis done some classy nudity, so no need to look for the alleged Kristin Davis naked pictures…

Have another look at Kristin Davis in a bikini

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