Harajuku Clothes

We mentioned in our monthly earnings (Month 8: $ 516.25) that Linky Love‘s earnings at the newly created Gwen Stefani Clothes blog needs a boost…

Therefore we started updating that blog again with a post about sexy Harajuku Clothes:

harajuku clothes

Harajuku Clothes promoted by Gwen Stefani’s Harajuku Girls,
wearing a kind of
camisole DaddyPapersurfer was talking about…

Anyways: I bet there are much more clothes than DaddyPapersurfer can name like these:

harajuku clothes

Harajuku clothes promoted by Gwen Stefani
try to name those 🙂

DaddyP dreams about which small print where?

In my previous post: DaddyP is the new Alan November, I gave some free dreams interpretations about DaddyP’s dreams (which explains the word DaddyP in the title…).

Yet back on his blog suddenly he wants to know whether I read the small print? I stress small print and wonder if DaddyP is still dreaming about me:

  • yet in stead of depicting me as a camisole,
  • and after I stressed that any apple should be sized like apples… (see DaddyP is the new Alan November)
  • DaddyP is now taking my shrinking advice one step further by dreaming about small print like so:


Harajuku Small Print

Well DaddyP, it’s quite difficult reading the small print written on my face without a mirror, so that should answer your question.

Otherwise please specify where the small print you are referring to can be read.

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  1. “You are spoiling me Ambassador” – you won’t get this probably. It’s a quote from a really bad advert that shows over here for some chocolates.
    I mean the sentiment though – TNX [a quick learner- that’s me!]

  2. @DaddyP

    Are you pointing to Ferrero Rocher? Talking about cosa nostra…

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