Gwen Stefani’s death cat… Oops

gwen stefani picture

Gwen Stefani picture : who killed the cat?

One of the things SEO Search Engine Optimization loves are giving and receiving links. Most important are links coming back from a site that has a topic that’s similar or complementing your topic.

So if you want to link to a Gwen Stefani Clothes site, make sure you get linked from a place that’s talking about Gwen Stefani as well. Or about the Harajuku Girls, which complement Gwen Stefani.

And if like today it’s cat’s Tuesday, I need to make sure there is a cat in my Gwen Stefani picture 🙂

SEO technique: make sure you have more than 1 website

Link from 1 of your websites to another, like I am doing now to my Gwen Stefani Sweet Escape website. If your sites are similar or complementary, you can boost your SEO efforts with making sure your websites are well linked.

A similar SEO strategy is making a new blog on a free site and linking to your own site. Again: the more popular your free site get, the more value your link will be. So just setting up a blog with one post won’t make much of a difference in your search engine rankings.

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