Gwen Stefani Sweet Escape

Since I got hacked, I need to start all over again… Please leave a comment if you think it got deleted!

Have a look at Gwen Stefani Sweet Escape dot com if you want to see an example of our yesterday post: What is a niche? Oh yes, it’s my new site 🙂

How to make money with a niche

1. Never say that you have a niche!

You can imagine as soon as you start bragging about your niche, that the next day there will be 1000 copy-cats, of which 10 will be better than you so… IF you ever made it to the first page in the search engine: bragging about it will make sure you will have to compete with the best.

In other words: when the competition is fierce, you don’t have a niche, you most likely have nothing 😈

2. How to find a niche?

How to find a goldmine? You Stumble Upon one 🙂

If you have better ways to find a niche, please leave a comment!

How I found this niche? I have Gwen Stefani ringtones… Gwen Stefani CD’s… I just love Gwen Stefani, especially her super-slim belly! And if I was a Japanese girl, I would surely dye my hair Gwen Stefani white.

As you know I am stuck without a computer, so I am thinking already a whole week about new niche websites. Then I Stumble Upon my nephews room filed with Gwen Stefani Posters… Do a search on and

So I kick my nephew out of the room… and the rest is history 🙂

3. How to make money with a niche

I will use Gwen Stefani Sweet Escape as an example to show how you can make money online with at site that used to be a niche before I wrote this post 😈



Visit Gwen Stefani Sweet Escape

Please visit Gwen Stefani Sweet Escape, browse around and come back.

Most important: leave an honest comment here! Please be crudely honest, as we will need this honesty for a real assessment of how to make money with a niche like Gwen Stefani Sweet Escape.

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  1. i’ll be interested to watch your niche take off and see the steps you take to make it #1

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