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In Kuala Lumpur, the National Association of Islamic Students has lodged a protest against the Gwen Stefani Sweet Escape concert to be held on 21st August 2007 on the basis that it is against Malaysian culture and lifestyle.

gwen stefani wind it upThe Association is worried that the performance of this artiste will contravene the regulations as set out by the Communication and Multimedia Commission based on the background and history of the singer.

In addition, the President of the Association, Mr Mohd Hilmi Ramli, said that the ads and video clips of this artist is not suitable with Malaysian culture.

He said the ad on the television on this concert is very "porny" and will have bad influence on kids.

gwen stefani wind it upHe added that according to the Communication and Multimedia commission the guidelines on woman artists who wish to perform in Malaysia are as follows:

  • clothes have to be complete, tidy, decent and not too tight
  • clothes must not reveal the breast and stomach
  • skirts length have to be below the knees and
  • the cloth covering the front, side and the back must not be more than 2 inches above the knees.

Based on the ethic codes as above, he said that this artist has violated the said codes.

He said that there seems to be an inclination of telecommunication companies who are scrambling to hold concerts by foreign artists who obviously do not know and understand the culture of Malaysian society.

As such, Mohd Hilmi urged that this concert be cancelled and no more Gwen Stefani Concert Tickets should be sold.

Gwen Stefani nude?

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  1. Seems the Gwen Stefani Sweet Escape Lyrics are Children Safe, just that since Gwen Stefani never shows her breasts, it’s her cute belly that’s unsafe for children. Euhm… why not ban children from going to the concert then???
  2. Google for "Gwen Stefani Nude" or "Gwen Stefani Naked" … found anything genuine of the sort???
  3. What about belly dancers showing of their belly??? ???
  4. Porny… anybody has a dictionary with the word porny??? Good to learn new English words, especially for kids… 😈

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  1. Just surfing by… Belly Dancers!!! where?

    Did you get the script I sent?

    All the best

  2. @Wolfbernz

    Belly Dancers: i should add a picture of Gwen Stefani flat belly at : Gwen Stefani Sweet Escape Lyrics

    Script received; please explain in 3 words what it does exactly? or 30 words 🙂 Thanks!

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