Great Discounts for Hotel Reservations

Are you like me always on the hunt of traveling at the greatest discount possible? Well, at first sight it seems I found the cheapest Hotel Discounts online:

  • they give you an instant $ 100 rebate
  • they claim you can save up to 70% on hotel bookings
  • and they give you a $ 30 gas rebate.

Unfortunately the gas rebate should have been done with a booking before July 2. Never mind: just give them a call and ask them if that rebate is still on, if not, then why is it still online? (in the US or Canada: call 1-800-447-4136, in Europe: call 00-800-1276-3549 and Worldwide: call (1) 817-333-5105)

But apart from this, you should have a look at all the different offerings they have in hotels, motels, resorts and vacation rentals. Just imagine: you can make online hotel reservations for over 1370 destinations worldwide!

To make booking easy, they have a practical online calendar to fill in dates. And if you still would have made an error: there are no change nor cancellation fees. great if you cannot make up your mind or you found even better Hotel Discounts!

I can hear you thinking: how would they be able to find better discounts than you? Because they kind of "buy in bulk" so they get better prices if you would purchase the same offer individually.

This works best when you have a look at the vacation packages on offer. And be on the lookout for those rooms marked with "Special Internet Rate". Why? Because a booking made over the Internet saves on a booking made by a travel agent… Because the travel agent also has to make money!

It’s just great to book your vacation at this site. You go to the world map on the Vacation Rental page, zoom in on your favorite country, browse through the best Hotel Discounts and before you know it, you booked yourself a well deserved rest on an Asian beach resort.


  1. I’ve written about them, and then I tried to use them for reservations. It was the BEST experience ever!!!!1

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