Great and underrated place to meet great people for dating

These places are can be both fun, educational, and great opportunities to meet people…


  1. macedonianBLOOD17 says

    to bad everybody at my school looks lke asshair!!!

  2. Gr8 video! your words carry such immense power and influence…god bless.

  3. toshtemirov says

    The same thing I can tell about meeting people at colleges and schools, when you are in the same class with someone. It is much easier to start talking to a girl in your class than in somewhere else. I do it all the time, and think that the same applys to seminars and other meetings.

  4. Bay Area Folks: I looked in MetroActive but didnt find even one. Any suggestions from Bay Area dudes?

  5. Wow, that was very interesting, as a matter of fact im going to look at the newspaper RIGHT NOW, I mean is a very interesting idea, never thought of that before…..

  6. 666lordbyron666 says

    he already answered that

  7. Well done. This never occurred to me. You have a gift for motivating people on an intellectual level. 5 stars!

  8. its not a great place for girls to meet guys though because there are way too many women to compete with

  9. joedude159 says

    Thank you thank you Thank you!
    your videos are changing my life! i wish i could return the favor!

  10. He definitely goes funeral crashing on wednesdays

  11. TheRobpowerfull says

    Arkady39, What´s the technique to meet a woman who works in a mall, in a wine stand, like main host?

  12. Guy… he is right if you are looking for interesting people, not superficial… go to seminars… saludos from spain… jejeje

  13. f14pilot44444 says

    thank you for the good advise/video. You come off as someone very down to earth and kind.

  14. tell her you desperally want to make love to a school boy,

  15. melvina628 says


  16. do you have any advice on how I can get my roomate to shut the fuck up?

  17. I wanna see advice on getting babes at church.

  18. barryng580 says

    i actually want to know the answer to that too.
    Either way, you are someone who’s incredible

  19. BeardedClamMeister says

    Do you get chicks who wanna meet you from youtube?

  20. chaminda123 says

    Thank you man..I was always thinking to myself about this for a long time…its hard to find a decent woman but I know there are a fair handful….

  21. Good point. The issue is that no matter what, people are still interested in finding out how to meet people in bars, so it will always be a relevant question.

  22. lol. it’s funny to hear you say you recommend seminars over bars; yet you have videos on how to meet and approach people in bars. You should titled a video, “How to Meet Men/Women in bars” and in that video, direct them to this video or simply say, “I highly recommend seminars over bars when it comes down to meeting good people.” =)

  23. great stuff homie,very informative

  24. TshaFromTWest says

    A Seminar is definitely a much easier place to start small talk and go from there. Great point.

  25. Thanks!

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