Google down Google China gone?

Kind of a weird feeling this morning: opening my computer and the Google page doesn’t load. Is Google down?

My first reaction is to google it, but with google down, that’s not an option.

Going to other renowned search engines like Yohaa, seems that as usual the latest updates about Google down are at best a few months old…

Anyway, before the world collapses in front of my eyes, let me first have my breakfast and a cup of coffee.

To find out that at my friends place Google is no more down, so it might as well been my error prone Internet connection? Strange, as I was able to load other pages…

It does feel weird though when there is an entire www filled with information, and your search engines are not working: that basically means SEO will be death and so will be your amount of visitors if you rely on the search engines.

Then there is the rumour that will shut down. Imagine you shut down a powerhouse of search: how much info will be left? Or is the idea all about power and education: who controls info, controls power?

google down

Google Down ?

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