Good News for Online Dating Users: Scam-free Dating Website Will be Your Savior

Tired of online dating? Haven’t found your love yet? The scam-free dating website will help you find your perfect match with little worry. Millionaire Cupid is the first website which can exclaim the whole website is scam free and all users on the website are safe and secure.

According to Jerry Will, CEO of the millionaire dating website, this website is always on changing to provide the neediest service to users. “The dating scam is the most headache problem for online daters. Many singles are afraid of trying the online dating just because they don’t want to be scammed or cheated.”, said Jerry, “Now the condition is changed. Our users will not feel unsafe since we do all the left things for them. We remove all the unqualified profiles before our users can see them. We’d rather have less profiles in quantity, but the profiles on our website should be of high quality.” At the end of our talk, he told us: “To bring more people together, our service is open to all users for free. Everyone can check and answer emails as well as chat messages with our members without pay. This guideline will not change for ever.”

Sounds incredible? We checked this website and found some differences from other dating websites: I) This website do not accept registrations from IP address with proxy server. It tells clearly that any registration through a proxy server will be banned for ever.II) This website do not accept the registration if the location and IP address are not consistent. E.G. If your IP address is from London and you put your location in New York, your account will be banned. III) This website do not accept users from some countries which are notable for scammers. E.G. Nigerian, Philippine, Ukraine, etc. I saw a Philippine visitor posted such a comment on the website: “I can’t open your website any more, and I contacted my ISP and they told me they couldn’t open your website either. What’s wrong with your site?” The answer from the website is simple: “We got too many abusive users from your location. We regret that we can’t serve users in your location any more.”

With such measures, we can believe very few wicked users can become a member. Let alone the following additional ways which will make scammers can’t stay even if they can have a profile. I) This website provides photo verification, age verification, occupation verification as well as income verification. The complicate verification systems will make the verified users get 10 times more responses. Of course, everyone on this website knows that they should contact verified users rather than unverified users. In short, if you want to date, if you want to meet someone, you need to make your information verified. Otherwise, your profile is not trustful and users may never communicate with you even though you started a conversation. This website is very strict for the verification. I tried to verify my photo with a false document by test. The result is: my account is banned. The customer service team replied to me with just one sentence: “We do not accept members who are not serious.”II) If a user is suspicious of someone, he can report to the website with just one click. The customer service team is also responsible. They will investigate carefully. They may give you a phone call if they need additional details which are not included in your report. I believe very few dating websites will call users for users’ problems. But this website did it.

More than 80% Americans have tried to find their perfect lovers online. Many of them didn’t find the right person online just because many websites are not quality enough to provide a stable and reliable service. We hope more and more websites can provide such services following the nice example of

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