Get the tools you need to make money online!

Back to basics…

If you want to make money on the Internet, you need:

  1. an Internet connection
  2. a working computer

The better your tools, the better your earnings

  1. My Internet connection: unlike in Europe where I use broadband, I am using dial up in Malaysia. So whatever speed my computer could get: I am loosing a lot of time when I am actually online.

    Solution: none, since I am a traveler, so I use what connection is available.

  2. A working computer. I have a sexy Toshiba Portege cute laptop that since a few weeks is as slow as a drunk snail ran over by a monster-truck. Simply put: I can not work My backup plan is my BlackBerry, which is not cheap, nor practical but it does the job: I can update my blog now.

    Solution: buy a working computer asap.

Evaluate your money making tools

Do you have the basic tools to make money online, and more importantly: are they doing the job?

Myself I don’t have the right tools now…:-(

I bought my laptop and Blackberry to accommodate my lifestyle: being on the move all the time and being able to connect to the Internet 24/7.

Exactly: connected yet never with the idea to make money online.

So: if you are serious about making money online: then make sure you have the right tools.

I suggest: 1 working computer + 1 old junk that can be used in days your first computer isn’t working.

Otherwise you end up like me: stuck!

So I am going to buy asap a "normal" computer.

What computer do you have?

Anybody any suggestions for a value for money computer that does the following:

  • running a browser
  • running paintshoppro
  • running a wysiwyg editor (namo web editor)
  • a screen that’s big and flat so my desk has still some space

As you can see: nothing sexy, just a kind of "Russian technology sturdy" computer to make money online.

Please leave a comment with your suggestions!

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