Get paid to blog without having a blog!

get paid to blogSign up for a free blog, write a post and you earn 1 dollar.


Ask your friend to sign up and you earn 5 dollar!


How does it work?


You simply sign up for a blogging account at and start blogging after getting approved. Approval is less than 24 hours if you can show you already have a quality blog.


Otherwise it’s a good idea to take 2 hours of time and write a quality post with more than 100 words.


Now for the best part: To get you started they guarantee you will earn at least $1.00 per daily post for at least 1 month. Your blog will be evaluated monthly and payments may be adjusted up or down depending on how well you are doing.


And if you refer your friends to join as well, you earn $5 for each new sign up.


Once they see your blogging is for real, you can join their "we pay you to post" program: similar to PayPerPost but: let handle the PageRank challenges 🙂


Shhhh, it’s also a great way to create some extra links to your own sites!




  • Signing up is free and easy
  • Blogging platform is WordPress: easy as well.
  • sounds like a newsportal, so I reckon news worthy posts will go an extra mile
  • They handle all the challenges for you when you are used to write for Pay per Post or any other paid to blog service.
  • It’s completely free: better than the wordpress community where you can’t blog for money!


I signed up already and advice you to do the same: especially nowadays PayPerPost gives you opportunities of 200 words for a lousy 0.50$ cents… guarantees you 1 dollar for each daily post of your choice for 1 month!

That’s what I call: get paid to blog!


Hurry, sign up here so your friends are still unaware and you can earn money signing them up!

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