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This review is reciprocal to the review: Linkylove – a review

Munny4Hunny is a good example of how to make money online by writing reviews. The author Jay found in between his paid postings the time to review me for free. That is the true spirit of LinkyLove.

Munny4Hunny has a relaxing design: the adds are perfectly integrated so the main focus goes to reading the posts. Lots of them are sponsored, and Jay is at $150 where LinkyLove is at $25. So the competition is on! Jay, how many months is your blog live?

On the prime spot (top left) of Munny4Hunny you can read which paid to post schemes are used to make money. On top of that Jay is a very helpful commentator on my blog, which makes him one of the top sites to visit if you want to make money online writing paid posts

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  1. Thanks – nice review! I would rather my ads weren’t invisible… but ads are not what the blog is about of course.. I made $56 in march and April combined, and am up to another $54 for the first 11 days of May (I’m pushing it to the limit this month!!) The pink figure in my earnings graphic is the total and should not be added to the red figure. The red figure is the cash that has actually arrived in my paypal acount and is INCLUDED in the pink total – does that make sense??

  2. Ok Jay, I rephrased “almost invisible” to “perfectly integrated” 🙂

    Yes, first months are tough it seems, but I must say this month you are on a roll. I see as much paid to posts on your site as I see ads on my site 😉

    Lots of good health and wealth to you Jay!

  3. thanks – BTW I ‘borrowed’ the code from your link exhange code-box (top-right) for my super new munny4hunny mini-banner..ha ha
    well, you ‘borrowed’ the bloggerwave link…

  4. oh BTW, i wasn’t objecting to the phrase ‘almost invisible’ I was thinking – that’s why people aren’t clicking on them – ha ha

  5. Jay: all on my site is “for take”, just a good review from time to time and a desperate creamaid WAC post would be appreciated 🙂

    Eh, you should have copied the exact html code 🙂 love your button though, need 2 add that next week as now am outstation. Enjoying my 1 dollar cream aid : nasi lemak n t ping 🙂

    Let’s partner up more and become healthy n wealthy together 🙂

  6. Ok, so I should look at your left total dollars only 🙂

    Advertisements on blogs like ours where traffic comes from people like you and me are not appealing (although on topic). For that we have to have better seo rankings or start fishing for visitors that are new to all this making money online.

  7. yeah – I think I miss out on loudlauch and blogitive because of my topic…I am registered but ‘not approved’ on either.

  8. Hi Jay, same here, pending for blogitive and loudlaunch.

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