How many Backlinks is Good

1 backlink is better than none…

Case study

Since the beginning of this month I made 2 websites:

  1. americas next top model winner
  2. americas next top model winners

There are 2 differences with this website:

  1. singular / plural
  2. no link / 1 link added on this website


  1. americas next top model winners is in Google! VS americas next top model winner is NOT in Google
  2. americas next top model winners had 29 visitors VS americas next top model winner had only 4 visitors

Quantity and quality

What do we learn from this case study?

  • To boost your visitors it always helps when other sites are linking to you: people can follow the link and reach your site
  • when people can find your website without Google, quality becomes an issue: describing very well which great content you give on your site related to the content your link is placed, will bring you more visitors
  • singular and plural is an important difference: 4 people typed in the singular americas next top model winner, 13 people typed in the plural americas next top model winners
  • from the 29 visitors of americas next top model winners:
    • 3 visitors got there through the search engines. That’s why you need to have other sites linking to you, so you could rank higher in the search engines.
    • 12 visitors got there through the link on Linky love (gosh, some of my visitors really know how to find things 🙂 ) and through links on other websites that have been syndicating Linky Love’s posts 🙂 RSS can be a goldmine to and spread your links like wildfire.


  1. Just stopped by and wanted to say I love your blog! I agree totally with your post over at the PPP blog … the opps are geared more towards PR3+ and Alexa. Everybody else is just playing the lotto with the $1K tuesday crap.

    I like the way you’ve posted your earnings here on your blog! Helps people see where they can go to make money. I’m also posting a similar series on my blog as well. If you check it out, I’m doing a few things that you don’t have listed … you might be able to pick up a few extra $$$.

    Take Care!

  2. @Michael

    Will have a look at your site as earnings are slow this month 🙂

    Why don’t you add yourself in our so you can become Blog of the Weekend?

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