Get help from webmasters and get paid for it!

web affiliate creatorsI just signed up at the WAC Webmaster Forum and if you are a webmaster like me monetizing your blog, I advice you to sign up also. Why? Because:

  • they share 50% of their Adsense revenue (yes, have your adsense pub and channel code ready!)
  • I immediately asked for link exchanges in the Link Exchange Forum
  • you can ask and learn about:
    • How to monetize your website
    • Affiliate Marketing
    • Advertising space

And there is the WAC or Web Affiliate Creators‘ Blog with more tips and techniques on how to monetize your blog.

But nothing beats a community of webmasters sharing ideas on their Webmaster Forum. I know because I will be there too 🙂


  1. Ha Ha
    I thought this one was too cheap, but I have done so many paid-to-posts this month I will soon run out of opps and be forced to do this one for $1 – sounds like it might be worth doing anyhow….I’ll refer through you if I get desperate…

  2. Hi Jay,

    Good partnership, I take your creamaid, you take mine, so pls get desparate 😉 This WAC site has a very nice forum, I was hooked before I saw the $1 🙂

    I also want to have $100 total at the end of the month, so I need all the help I can get!

    Already took your Korean Restohof referral. Any idea how to track the revenue from Creamaid referrals?

    Hv a nice we 🙂

  3. I wasn’t desperate, but I read closely PPP TOS today and they don’t like it if you do PPP AND do normal posts day after day, they like you to have a non-PPP day here and there – I was in danger of doing this so I figured I would do cheapo creamaid today… shame ‘cos there are three more decent PPP opps on offer, but they should be there for a few weeks. Tomorrow I will just post my own stuff, but I will be preparing adverts in the background…
    Creamaid send you an email when someone is referred via your widget, but you don’t get paid until the campaign is ‘completed’. Hence you will get an email referral notification if my post for this opp gets accepted…
    Actually I am waiting for approval on THREE PPP ads a the moment, so I need to get some approved before pressing on… BTW the TOS says you can actually do up to 3 PPP’s in a day, but I think they prefer you not to run them together, so you would have to do at last 6 posts that day!

  4. As you say, they only have 3 decent PPP offers, so spread them over a few days, otherwise nothing to blog about 🙂

    I don’t kjow if they consider a creamaid in between to be a good change, but I do know they are good in informing what has to be changed + they give you 3 days to do so.

    Happy PPP approvals 🙂

    Creamaid: I took your Urbanaid, but didn’t get royalties. I took the Agloco add but didn’t get anything there either. I wish they gave some feedback.

    Any news from bloggerwaves payout?

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