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Get featured on a site to get more visitors. That’s exactly what happens thanks to being featured at Blogdumps "Blog Submission: BlogDumps, The Best free Blog Directory! Free Blog Submission, link exchange, and reviews".

People will only feature you if you are contributing in some way: e.g. by being the top salesman (how can I being only 5 weeks old). For Blogdumps you need to be the top 5 sender of visitors to their site. Or… top 8 it seems nowadays. Which makes it even easier to be featured!

Why Blogdumps? Because they are also all about Linky Love : review them and they review you! That’s 1 link of a PR 4 page for the price of fresh air.

Get listed as well!

Get the Code and Get Listed!

Linkbait doesn’t have to be sexy, it has to be good!

Yes, every Saturday Wolfbernz, the owner of Blogdumps will add all the blogs that gave him a review. They will be added in his blog but since he is getting already so many requests, he is also adding sites on other days of the week. Read more on how to participate.

For those that don’t like to write reviews, you can get listed in Wolfbernz blog directory as well using good old fashion blog submission. I am jealous as I don’t have that functionality yet 🙂

My Personal Quest

Is to get my Linky Love button shown on Wolfbernz front site, just like I added 1 of his many beautiful link buttons on my first page. Thanks Wolfbernz!!! (did I add my site twice now, if so, please ignore!)

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