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Mortar and brick life is so much more fun if you have a partner, so is life in the blogosphere: find yourself a partner!

The nice thing about partners in the blogosphere is:

  • you don’t have to twitter about whom is going to do the dishes and
  • you can have more than 1 partner 🙂

Partners are people that:

  • are always willing to help a hand (like Ah Pek)
  • are committed to help without you having to ask

So far I found a good partner in Munny4Hunny and am trying to partner up with Blogdumps.

Take the Munny4Hunny challenge

Again Linky Love for grabs: if you show on your site 2 of these banners then Munny4Hunny gives you:

  1. not only a link back but
  2. also makes a button for you!

Talking about linkbait you cannot refuse!

So I am going to add the 2 below in my sidebar soonest. So how is Jay related to OurBlogReview?

our blog review Munny4Hunny

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  1. Great idea bro lol!

    Francis Simisim

  2. Hey, thanks for dropping by. Btw what kind of partnerships do you offer? 150 words are perfect lol! shall we exchange links and review then?

    Francis Simisim

  3. Hi Francis,

    Partnerships are all legal and non sexual 🙂

    Main thing is we help each other out achieving our goals. My goal is having a PR 5 withing the first 3 months of LinkyLove, so your review is most welcome. Tell me what I can do for you and then we will see how we take it from their 🙂

  4. Hey thanks – guess I owe you a banner – will get my pencils and brushes out!
    (I am ‘partnered’ with Greg Startz from ourblog review – more things happening in Gregs world to be revealed soon…two of the other banners ‘mmmtalk’ and ‘talkforum’ are for Gregs new project)

  5. OK try these for size:

    One is more geared towards your colour scheme, the other is a bit more ‘free rein’
    hope the links work otherewise i will have to post again!

  6. The links work, thanks Jay, now have to put it all in my “way too buzy” website 😉

    (How can a site be too buzy to start with?)

    Oh I am bad : seems that the heart that is making the o in love : the VE is a bit too much too the right or is it my colourblondness when it comes to blue and red together?

    VERY ORIGINAL to make the o into a heart! Thanks Jay!

  7. Hmmm… OK I will have a look at the file and see if I can drag the text over a little bit…

  8. Looks like you did fine, but where did you post your other comment now…

  9. Thanks – other comment? I dunno..I’m losing track… I’m not trying to be top commentator.. jus’ tryin’ to follow up the banners to see if the buzz grows…

  10. Hi Jay, if you keep on commenting like this, sure you will be on top 😉 Anyways, ur comments are most welcome and so is everybody else: all most welcome!!!

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