Geek Girls Unite!

New PageRank safe way of selling links!

If you look to your right, there is a thing that says “Are You in My TopSpots?” and there are a bunch of spots where you can buy a text link for.

Did you see the latest addition: Ultimate Geek Girl? That’s when the Universe finally made me understand that it’s time to make a page linking all Geek Girls together.

If you are a Geek Girl or not: you can always add your link instantly in the right widget: My Blue TopSpots!

The Blue TopSpots

I reserved 20 TopSpots: You are sure your link will be visible for a long time and not like Text Link Ads charging you more than $20, you can add your link there for only 10$!

Your text link will go 1 spot down when the next textlink is added.

Just click where it says “Show some love, buy one!” and you’ll be able to place your ad.

Note: these link ads are “nofollow”.

Your link will show on all pages of my blog.

Join the Hot Geek Girl List

hot geek girlHow to join our Hot Geek Girl List:

  • you or other people call you a geek
  • you or other people call you a girl
  • you have a blog (of course we need to link to your URL)
  • leave a comment what’s so geeky about yourself (so you know what geek stuff to expect when you decide clicking on the URL link of the geek girl’s blog)
  • A BONUS will be if you create a Hot Geek Girl button, widget, award…. (which will show you are much more geeky than me 🙂 )

For what I can see in our still FREE TopList Directory, there are already some Geek Girls qualifying 🙂 (thepinkc, afrogtokiss… : please join Geek Girl by leaving a comment here!)

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  1. Holy hell- I couldn’t sell links at $2 much less 10, maybe I should put the widget back up LOL

  2. @Beth

    Put it back and advertise like hell!

    It helps to have a fanclub that knows you need the money badly and

    that your blog has lots and lots of visitors, as it’s visitors that counts, not PageRank!

  3. I advertised like crazy when I first put it up and had one person pay $2- everyone else ignored. No one even uses the “buy me a beer” plugin! I’m at a loss, nothing I do works.

  4. This is cool! I hope you get tons of new visitors! 🙂

  5. @Beth

    You got 2dollar,so keep on! Unlike the beer plugin which doesn’t bring me anything either (so that reminds me to remove it!).

    The beer plugin doesn’t give the visitor anything. The link tip gives instant satisfaction: their link is up from the moment the tip is given!


    I may assume I can add you to the list? 🙂


    Since you are the first 2 to join: please make a lill banner to put next to your name in the list 🙂 (or I use the one u have?)

  6. What size banner? Small? I have so much going on right now I don’t know which end is up. AND is there any way possible you could look at my CSS, since we use the same theme, and see why my comments stopped being highlighted? It worked exactly like yours then suddenly stopped and I don’t know why!

  7. @beth

    Your comments in your css looks similar to mine, so I guess something has changed in your phps? What have you been changing lately? 🙂

    Seems your bra ad makes lots of money! (or is that the 2$ from before at scratchback?)

    Any banner can actually, will be for next week though as it’s getting way to buzy here as well 🙂

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