Gambar bedah siasat post mortem nurin jazlin

nurinNot only is Nurin cold, the police just released the last suspect in this more than disgusting murder case. Meaning that Nurin’s case is cold as well :-(

On the other hand there are pictures circulating the Internet showing Nurin how she was found death. People are protesting that these pictures should be banned…

HELLO! Get your priorities straight! People molesting children should be banned from this planet (why don’t you sent those into space, at least that money would be wisely spent!!!).

Ok, I can hear you say; pedophiles would love these Nurin pictures… well: as soon as you show these Nurin pictures to everyone, you better start getting suspicious about the people with a smile on their faces after seeing these pictures…

Anyway, the real Nurin pictures are 1000 times more revolting than the picture I added here. It’s up to any decent government that really cares about their children to show real pictures of children being killed after molestation.

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  1. hope can find the murder as soon as posible.. sympathy to nurin incident…

  2. they should focus on their main job, the issues about the image will be number 2.

  3. @Rick

    Most likely a cold case :-(


    The media should also help out a bit in stead of highlighting a femal subject with picture and just announcing 4 male subjects without picture… with all respect, but this looks like a mens’ crime…

  4. i hope the killer will be prosecuted!

  5. damn on the beast…the police should take an action immedietly…

  6. @sara @delilah

    The news unfortunately is getting oh so litlle about this beast … :-(

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