Galilea Montijo sex tape

Galilea Montijo sex tape

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This time it’s Galilea Montijo herself that decided to pose naked in H. But before we show you the juicy details, let’s recapitulate who Galilea Montijo is in the first place!

Galilea Montijo

galilea montijo

Galilea Montijo
La que es linda es linda!

If you speak Spanish or are smart by nature, you know the Spanish words translate to: The one that’s beautiful is beautiful…

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You could use Google translator to get part of the idea what new sex tape Noelia, Galilea Montijo and Wanda Nara have been cooking up, because in the end: you don’t look at the pictures but you do read the interviews, don’t you?

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About Galilea Montijo

Galilea Montijo is a Mexican actress born June 5, 1973 in Guadalajara. Oh yes, that’s the same country Ugly Betty comes from 🙂

Galilea Montijo started her career when she won the contest La Chica TV in 1993. After that, she starred in several telenovelas (Spanish TV soaps) and shows.

Galilea Montijo sex

In 2004, Galilea Montijo participated in the reality show Big Brother VIP and ended up winning. Of course Big Brother is about shooting naughty sexy videos like so:

Galilea Montijo sex video from Big Brother

She is shouting : "OUT!"

Galilea Montijo video

Enjoying her popularity after her win in Big Brother, Galilea Montijo starred in the Mexican telenovela La Verdad Oculta, opposite Gabriel Soto in 2006.

galilea montijo video

Galilea Montijo video : this is the real Galilea!

Galilea Montijo Sex Video

Galilea Montijo sex video

Galilea Montijo sex video … or is it?

monique fuentesIn 2007 a sex video surfaced that featured a woman looking quite similar to Galilea Montijo.

She repeatedly denied that she was the actress in the movie, yet on the Internet nobody cares and she became instantly famous!

In fact, the sex video was featuring a Latin porn star Monique Fuentes, just admit "they all look alike… on the Internet" 🙂

Galilea Montijo Cojiendo

galilea montijo cojiendo

Galilea Montijo Cogiendo ?
No, no, it was Monique Fuentes…
and yes, they do look alike!

Buy Spanish words to know what it all means exactly, but your guess is right 😉

Galilea Montijo Pictures

The latest Galilea Montijo pictures are the ones she took for H magazine..

galilea montijo pictures

Galilea Montijo Pictures in H magazine

After following this Spanish words course, we know that "H" stands for "Hombres" which is Spanish for "Men".

Quite funny if you first deny you have nothing to do with a sex video and than start publishing quite naked pictures like so…

Galilea Montijo naked

galilea montijo naked

Galilea Montijo naked but (butt?) office safe 🙂

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