Fresh visitors: show off your awards!

If you are heavily attracting new visitors to your site like I am doing these days, then you need to make sure they get impressed by what you have on offer.

If you are writing about how to make money on the Internet, then make sure it is somewhere clearly stated you are earning at least 10.000$ a month.

Now what if you are only earning 300$ a month?

😈 that hurts 😈

It’s like wearing clothes or putting on makeup: don’t hide your bad parts but accentuate your good parts! (Exactly what Kristina Dimitrova is doing in How to make money in your underwear)

Show off your awards, accolades and positive reviews

Not your paid reviews but the genuine reviews 😈

Since I have still one page left to add, I will now add the Linky Love Awards page 🙂

Feel free to give me an award, positive review or accolade so I can add you on my Awards page!

Thanks to Judy at A little linky love, well plus a little fracas envy…..
giving me a true Linky Love reward 🙂

Special custom handmade Linky Love award given by Judy

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  1. hey !!…i added your linc to my site….how do you do that!!…i want one!!…lol

  2. hey!!…i added your linc to my site……cool!!….i want one of dem…how do you do that?…..

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