Fresh Visitors Friday: Be on top of the news!

  1. One way of attracting new visitors is breaking a news-story first.
  2. The second best thing is being on top of the news and add in your personal touch. It will attract less visitors than the first idea, but still more visitors than when you just sit back and relax!

Vanessa Hudgens nude case study

Vanessa-hudgensThis case study is based on my yesterday post where I showed some Vanessa Hudgens pictures. The result is:

  • more than10% of my search engine visitors yesterday came here after a search on: "Vanessa Hudgens" and "Vanessa Hudgens nude". Since it is the first time I ever posted about Vanessa Hudgens, this shows my case 🙂
  • I am now on position 3 in my own Wanna be on top directory, where before my post, I was dangling around position 10:
    add your link toplist directory

How to get more visitors explained

Write about hot news. Hot news is what people are writing about or looking for. 1 way is to browse the social RSS web2.0 networks like Furl, Digg, Technorati, Reddit, Thoof, Stumble, Delicious… and see what the daily buzz is all about.
The easiest way is:

The advantage is that you get a spike in visitors: the spike will be bigger the faster you join the hot news (after 3 days, Vanessa Hudgens seemed to have lost lots of steam).

The disadvantages are:

  • you need to be on top of the news
  • your instant fame fades as soon as the topic of your post is out of the news
  • your visitors could be not targeted to the rest of your blog, meaning they won’t come back. Of course this is in your hands: I did announce my total E! Thursday, so every Thursday I should be able to get some visitors that return.
  • a lot of work for 1 time fame, what would be ideal is write something once and have people coming for it all the time 🙂 The latter is called SEO optimization: a slow process investing in the future 🙂

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  1. Thanks for the love 🙂 I still have allot to learn but I’ve been researching and now that I have Adsense installed I’m trying to turn visitors to money which means more researching 😐 I post hot news before anyone else so I get good spots on google 😛 Think about it people will come to hot topics and might just hit home to see what the blog is about so if I post a hot post on the 11th and on the 12 I post a bit of self promotion I will probably get some1 to read my self promo also 🙂 Great way to get all your post read. I love what I post about so its all good 😛 Gotta keep yourself interested also.

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