Free word count

If you blog for money, some of the paid to post services asks you to write a certain amount of words.

Now if you write a decent review, you know that 100 words is easy to get if you just give an opinion on what you see on the web-site.

If it comes to 300 or 400 words, then you need to rely on a word count. Of course you can use Microsoft Word’s word count, but why opening a humongous word-processor just for the sake of counting your words?

That’s why I use CopyWriter: a no nonsense text-editor that does the job: counting words 🙂

It’s freeware, 600kb and downloadable here: Download CopyWriter 3.03

Free word count

free word count

Free word count:
According to CopyWriter,
this article has a whopping 125 words 🙂


  1. Stumb. back 🙂 btw I will let you know about the 10 stumblers when its time.

  2. @b o n t b

    (that’s a lot of keystrokes 🙂

    THANKS, looking forward for your next comment!

  3. I definitely need to check this out! Opening up Microsoft Word every single time I want to check word count is exhausting!

  4. This is a nifty useful little tool. I usually use MS word for it. It will be nice if WP had a feature like this.

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