Is love or money in your cards?

free online taror cards

This card is much more sexy than these free online tarot cards I found online. But the idea is not to fall in love with the tarot cards, but to ask the cards what’s in it for you: love, money or good health?


Or all 3 together?


Unfortunately, my tarot reader told me that this year would be overly filled with work… and she didn’t have a similar outcome about money. Meaning I am going to work my butt of without reaping much immediate results. One of these jobs includes a make over of Linky Love, which should be ready before November 1.


Positive as I am that could only mean that this year I will lay the base for some future investments to reap off.


Sounds great, just that nor the cards, nor myself show any clue where these investments will be built… And oh no, I don’t believe in winning the lottery.


Although… thanks to Alvin’s contest, I did win 50$.


Alvin surely knows how to make money thanks to his Atomic Blogging package : how to earn more money blogging. This package didn’t make me as rich as Alvin yet, but for sure it pays my bills 🙂


When it comes to love, you can surely not just sit still and trust the cards 🙂 You need to get active on the dating scene and nothing better than browsing in our gorgeous free personals at Asian dating Online.


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