Free Mini Banners

Jay made me 2 cute mini banners and he does that for you too for free. Euhm, nothing is really free but he is not asking for money…. Check it out at his latest mini banners post.


  1. I’ve corrected it now…text shifted to the left a touch (I haven’t figured out how to shift the heart to the right — I need more lessons!) hope it meets with your approval….

  2. …hope it meets my approval…

    Whah! I am not PM or what! And if I was PM I would surely start a comission to look deeper into the matter keeping in mind that any second of the day the ceiling can drop on my head…

    It’s me Jay: red and blue creates 3D images in my eyes… yet it looks even better than before!

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  4. Hi Zubli: you are the first to say my site is well organised…. seems that overseas eyes are very different than local! Thanks and love your review concept! (seems I have to make my own concept then…)

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