Free internet with a bluetooth phone and computer

By using a free dial-up service, get internet on your computer through your cell phone and only pay for air-time. Visit my blog for more info


  1. Funny enough I can’t almost watch this video, cause my internet’s to slow…

  2. vipchandoius says

    please help me how do i know what is my Dial number

  3. this phone looks like calculator 😀

  4. ClareAriz31 says

    @LV30000 nice one dude!

  5. disbuylshite says

    Lrn2 camtasia

  6. aakirkebyvej99 says

    does it work on htc smart

  7. emilian4o says

    @LV30000 cant u just shut up son of a bitch he is trying to give us info and its good good video man 🙂

  8. do they even sell those computers

  9. AKSHOO95 says

    hey what the number that u put in the box where it says DIAL

  10. @MOHAKING1000 dont blame me… its not my fold the dinasours made that pc :/

  11. cqballin23 says

    i love the way you talk, your awesome dude man!

  12. @LV30000 hahahahahahhah ur funny

  13. upton889 says

    if the title says free internet… and you pay for it… doesn’t that mean that it’s NOT free???

  14. Did this awhile back. Racked up 100 bucks in 10 minutes…

  15. abdullahvideocuts says


  16. can my phone get internet by my computer?
    bluetooth or some other things?

  17. codemaniskool1 says

    is there a way to do this the other way around like using your internet at home to get internet on phone

  18. justjorda15 says

    do I have to have dial-up? or can I just get it with only my Iphone’s data plan?

  19. faxmanloveswaffles says

    I cant get this to work with my Motorola V3 from Cingular/ATT HELP!!!!!!!!! it like dials and this it stops and make a doo-doop nnoise. HELP!!!!!!!!!!

  20. does it work

  21. joshuapet209 says

    Does it work if i have unlimited calling enytime

  22. TheNamnamnam says

    wow u pc and phone suxx? where are u from… while the dinasours were here o.O

  23. cameramonkey2 says

    does it cost money? does it access the internet on yuor phone?

  24. MrJamal112 says

    all youll dum azs hell

  25. wait wut is the user name?? and lik the password?? not urs but lik wer u get it from?

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