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If your contact on a free dating website seems inclined to exaggerate in speech or attitude, you should be cautious about further interaction with him or her. While everyone is allowed to feel positive about their accomplishments, when you find someone who always does everything better than anyone else, it can get very annoying in a hurry. You should not continue to associate with such a person, since dishonesty in this area may carry over into every aspect of the person’s character and lifestyle. There is always a certain amount of trust in any online relationship, but if you find constant exaggeration from your online contact it may be overcompensation for serious defects in character.




A free dating website contact who seems unduly reticent about themselves may also be one that you should be cautious about getting too close to. If the person is simply reserved or even shy about social contact perhaps it will be worth the effort to get to know them better so that you can enjoy their perspective on life. But, if the person is simply secretive because they have something to hide, you should trust your instincts to not have anything more to do with them. If there is no trust on either side, this is not the best type of relationship to be developing.




Another characteristic that should raise questions in your mind about the veracity of the contacts you make on a free dating website is claiming implausible feats or characteristics for oneself. If you find it hard to believe that a person has appeared in hundreds of movie stunts or has been a mentor for a famous musician, it is easy enough to check. For those claims that still seem implausible, you sometimes will have to trust your instincts.


Outright falsehoods


Of course, you should never countenance a free dating website acquaintance who telling an obvious lie. The difficulty lies in knowing when it is a lie. For example, a picture of an attractive adult female included with a profile that is somewhat explicit in the description of favorite activities may be dangerous for an adult male to arrange to meet if she is actually a sixteen year old rebelling from overly controlling parents. You won’t always know if you are being lied to but it is better to be safe than to be involved with a person who feels the need to lie about appearance, age, or wealth.


Oversize ego


Another type of person that is very annoying to find on a free dating website is one who has an overly large opinion of their own appearance or characteristics. Sometimes you will find this in males and sometimes in females. The person who points out that they graduated with highest honors from a prestigious university and doesn’t want to be contacted by anyone with lesser achievements is unfortunately, probably not going to get many responses to the profile. If the filter is set to exclude anyone you do not consider to be on your level, you may not receive many responses to your profile.


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