Free Dating Sites in Canada- Matchmakers of Love!

I would consider myself a regular on free dating sites in Canada. Dating sites are one of the most interesting things that have been invented in the dating industry. First-off they’re free, you get to meet and date lots of interesting guys from across Canada. If I really think about it, I wouldn’t have much a of a social life were it not for free dating sites in Canada! At 28, I work as a sales manager in a confectionary store. I have a passion for ballroom dancing and theatre. Though I dated some nice guys during my university career it’s fair to say that men I meet on free dating sites in Canada are more interesting.

A year ago near Christmas, I was browsing through some profiles of men on free dating sites in Canada. I stumbled upon one man, Pierce’s profile. I don’t know what it was that made his profile so special, but he was handsome, and had a muscular body. Anyways, I left Pierce a message in hopes he would want to chat a bit, and sure enough, within ten minutes, he replied.

As we chatted, a strange connection developed between the two of us, Pierce had many funny jokes and was very courteous, it didn’t feel like this was our first time chatting, we became comfortable with each other very quickly. Before we know it, more than four hours had passed on the free dating site in Canada.

For next two months, we met regularly and chatted. Eventually we realized it might be smart to post profiles on a few other free dating sites in Canada, incase one site went down for a while, sort of as a type of free dating site insurance.

One day while chatting on different free dating sites in Canada, Pierce revealed to me that he was falling in love with a woman with that he talks to frequently for his business. Before I could respond, he clarified that he had never even met her; it was only through phone calls and messaging that he was able to talk to her. I was disappointed as I felt that Pierce and I were really connecting, I was curious to find out who this woman that he spoke so highly of was, so I asked him casually about the woman. Pierce sensed my insecurity. He told that he would have a chance to interact with a food chain store manager, this peaked my curiosity. When Pierce told me the company name, I nearly fell out of my seat. It was my company! Unknowingly to me, Pierce had been the representative I had been dealing with, and until we met each other on the free online dating site in Canada, neither of us was the wiser.

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