Free Dating Sites : Chat Room Etiquette to Success in Love

Every office or activity has its rules which have to be followed by all. There are no exceptions and violation of these rules gets you kicked out. It’s the same with any free dating site. Chatting online follows its own defined rules – any member who is found blatantly flaunting them can be expelled from the site in entirety or for ten minutes. But being expelled from a dating site can send out wrong signals and rip you off any opportunity to meet and chat with new potential dates. A member has to follow some basic rules of chat room etiquette.

Avoid shouting

That’s right! Check the dating site’s rules before getting down to searching and chatting online. If not allowed, never type in CAPS. This is considered rude and is considered as shouting. Typing in CAPS simply sends away potential friends and leaves you alone in the chat room.

Watch your talk

Some free dating websites caution users not to use offensive color font in chat rooms. It is advisable to stick to normal font color and not indulge in fancy font colors. Font colors of yellow, green and violet are viewed as offensive. Using such font can have many disadvantages. Your profile can get ignored if it is typed in hard to read font color such as grey. Consequently you may lose out on potential friends and discussions.

Don’t encourage business in a chat room

Many business corporations view free dating sites as places and avenues to hawk their wares of goods and services. Instead of casual conversation, you may be subjected to lengthy monologues of a particular mechanism or service given by an organization. It is better not to indulge or encourage such activities. It puts off people who are looking for casual chats.

Be pleasant

Ever wandered into a party and desperately wanted someone to greet you and talk to you? Well, this is what happens to newcomers on free dating sites. Newcomers may feel shy and out of place. Chat room etiquette on a free dating site demands that you be polite and pleasant to newcomers. You have to greet them and put them at ease. It’s not necessary to engage in lengthy dialogues with them. But it will go a long way to exchange a few generic pleasantries to break the ice. Don’t give them the cold shoulder.

Mind your behavior

Chat room etiquette on a free dating site expects you to be sensitive to other members’ attitudes and expectations. Do not engage in rude or provocative conversations to embarrass other members. It is better not to be too pushy. Choose your time and ease into the main aim of your online chat.

Chatting online requires restraint and diplomacy. There are cases where you may lose interest in your conversation partner after a few online chats. Chat room etiquette requires you to ease away gracefully without hurting the feelings of the other person. It is important to remember that you need to break away without causing pain and embarrassment to others on the online dating site.

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