Free 1 week daily vegetables

Be healthy – live wealthy is my daily target. You are what you eat is what my parents always tell me.

But if your life is like mine: too hectic because of making money or raising kids, then you need some smart alternative health ideas to keep as healthy as possible.

Fruit and veggies are nature’s ingredients for healthy living. You should eat 5 to 9 servings of fruit and veggies a day… But how unpractical is that when you "need to carry your orchard" to your office and only have a break of 30 minutes?

That’s why on the go food is so popular. Finally Lane Labs, LLC, a specialty company for daily supplements, has taken the best of both worlds:

  1. your double daily vegetables serving
  2. in a less than 10gram package

My daily veggies

I would only clog my blog by listing all the veggies that are in the package. The best way to convince yourself is ordering the My Daily Veggies Free Sample. For $1 shipping and handling you get a $10 worth of 7 My Daily Veggies packets.
That’ not only an instant money saver, but it could change your lifestyle and health in the long run!

Once you get your My Daily Veggies Free Sample: add some water and drink it.

But if you enjoy the taste of food as much as I do: put your My Daily Veggies Free Sample in a natural yogurt overnight in the fridge. The next evening you have a delicious and most of all healthy vegetable dip. A great way to make potato salad 🙂

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