For all those whose Payperpost Reviews are pending

Did you write a review for Get paid to review one of my posts now! but never got the 7.5$ Payperpost promised you?

Are you in the list of people below that wrote a review one of my posts, then please leave a message:

  • where we can find your 7,5$ review

So I can follow up personally with Payperpost.

  • farman salih    Pending         04-20-2007
  • Peter Fisher    Pending         04-20-2007
  • Sue Taylor      Pending         05-01-2007
  • Annie Siew Tien Tan     Pending         05-01-2007
  • Kundhan Thapa   Pending         05-01-2007
  • Hem Acharya     Pending         05-03-2007
  • M. Muchlis djauhari     Pending         05-10-2007
  • Samip Shah      Pending         06-01-2007
  • Alfred Amuno    Pending         06-04-2007

Anybody else never got paid by Payperpost? Please leave a comment with your PPP experience!


  1. Thank you for commenting on my blog 🙂
    To make a sticky on Blogger:
    When you type the post (before publishing), at the bottom of the box you write in is an option that says “Post Options”. If you go in there you’ll see you’re able to change the date, time and wheter you want to allow comments for the particular post. If you replace the current date with a future date, the post will remain on top until such date.
    Hope it makes sense 🙂

  2. i have one person who signed up under me pending too and he said he has to have a blog that is over 90 days old. Maybe it could be the reason why they are all pending?

  3. That could well be the case kaklong, I added your feedback in my new post with better instructions on how to earn the $7.5:

    Earn $7.5 when you review my blog

  4. @Whenn, that makes so much sense that I will make it in a new post tomorrow, with a link to you of course:

    very , very helpful!!!! Thanks! 🙂

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