First Date Tips : Tips on Reading Body Language

On first dates, reading body language is necessary, such as signals that the other person is turned off. Read body language, such as shifting eyes and folded arms, with tips from the author of a dating book in this free video on relationship advice and first dates. Expert: Dr. Paul Vehorn Contact: Bio: Dr. Paul Vehorn has been a nationwide talk show host on Sun Radio Network and, and he has a Ph.D. in behavioral psychology. Filmmaker: Christopher Rokosz


  1. alifelongfriend says

    Here is a great dating tip. Stand off at a slight angle and point your forward foot towards (in a non obvious way) to the person you are interested in talking with, keep your palms visible and facing up below or about waist high. If you are a man wait for preening, tilting and/or neck exposure as these will signal approval letting you know it is okay to move forward. Don’t rush men, women have more peripheral vision than we do and notice everything. Your lady will lead you so don’t worry.

  2. 20MrBigmac says

    Y do I have a mental image of Dr. paul in bushes watching people… Gets caught and loudly proclaims that its ok hes a doctor

  3. fishersann2k7 says

    hes a corny motherfucker his name is more like dr poof lol


    weres your WINE!!!!!!

  5. Bruno2864 says

    He is retarded. He judges everyone under his own nasty scope. There is always exceptions!!

  6. studyreligion says

    If he was interested on both women at the same time for 3some, how would his body language be?

  7. The retards guide to body language is what this video should be titled.

  8. RottingLegend says

    @wonszlol shutup hoe

  9. I would have never guess that when someone turnes away from me that means he losts interest in me xD

  10. GabrielMuayThai says

    World domination in time..

  11. bulgarotangra says

    This uncle is very sympathetic and positive .I Love the old school !

  12. Dr Paul is a pimp!

  13. mandible6 says

    may your fantasies of today be your realities of tomorrow!

  14. LAXDeluxe says

    Thank you Dr. Paul !

  15. MrOnlinegeldverdiene says

    great video
    See my dating dating tips video

  16. bully129 says

    Far as I know, that action shows full, undivided attention to the speaker.

  17. Headphoneguy92 says

    what if you cross your arms and put them on the table to lean forward?
    thats a good sign right? 😛

  18. 2112mike says

    thanks bud

  19. His advice is somewhat interesting. He has a couple of points but I say just have some balls and talk with a women you like, especially if she looks at you more than 4 seconds. lol. If you get any kind of conversation out of her then you at least have a chance. Nothing happens until you at least try.

  20. marysinger83 says

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  21. EsotericFantasy says

    thanks dr paul!!!

  22. dinosaursrocksohard says

    I totally agree. He’s funny, but true

  23. hoyaddawas says

    haha nice one mate

  24. Kacy12985 says

    Did i mention i love him? Lol.

  25. cheesesmiles says

    thats a good quality to have.

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