First Date Tips : How to Get a Second Date

In order to get a second date, listen to what the other person has to say, keep the date fun and keep things light. Get a second date by avoiding heavy subjects and inappropriate behavior with tips from the author of a dating book in this free video on relationship advice and first dates. Expert: Dr. Paul Vehorn Contact: Bio: Dr. Paul Vehorn has been a nationwide talk show host on Sun Radio Network and, and he has a Ph.D. in behavioral psychology. Filmmaker: Christopher Rokosz


  1. amorrizzle648 says

    absolutely, “We”, is a heavy word.

  2. GabrielMuayThai says

    I meet a girl randomly, got invited to her moms place, she wasn’t there, we had wierd ass (not literally ass) sex and we ended up being engaged for more than a year, almost getting it all on 😛

  3. MetallicAus says


  4. evosevo123 says


  5. MilliVanilli2007 says

    I think the guy is right, All you CAN do is keep it light, laugh and smile a lot but don’t be hyper. Show yourself from your happy side– nobody wants to be around depressed people. Guys, does it put you off if she sleeps with you on the first date? If she kisses you? And I need an answer till tonight 😉

  6. fee20luv says

    lol not true. he’ll just want u 4 a bootycall. girls dont listen 2 him. plz!

  7. Pheoxerian says

    if a girl did that to me i wouldnt

  8. JBthree24 says

    This dude looks like Jimmy Carter

  9. samsonfellows says

    ROFL, No truer words have ever been said my friend

  10. SYKWYDIT says

    i loled to this comment

  11. voterpromoter says

    quite right! I married the girl who did this.

  12. OswestryGrey says

    Girls – if you want a second date then all you have to do is grab hold of his willy on the first date.

  13. kdjfnvjvd says

    yeah pretty much haha nah, it’s true pal. The figures are based on statistical data i’ve gathered from my own personal experiences as well as asking questions to women i dont know. if she’s reseptive while im askin, i know i can date her as well. it’s like a win win situation in that case.

  14. xGamerGuy says

    Where did you get those percents form? Your ass?

  15. kdjfnvjvd says

    Guess what! You know the advantage and honest detail of actually takin’ a chick on a date these days is,and also a huge confidence booster?????……About 85% of chicks(early twentys) have never really been on a nice,quiet,romantic date. And about 95% never gone on a real FIRST DATE. Having a lil insite on this always works 4 me.

  16. closecombat3 says

    Well im not sexist that just my opinion although i have to say i do like what this guy has to say too. the reason i dont have a girlfriend is because i have not got much friends were i live all my real friends live in places far away from me. yes maybe iam too honest for my own good by saying i dont have one and giving my real age as i look alot older and being honest about driving a peugeo nd jag and not a ferrari. people often watch these out of interest not just cause they havnt got a girl.

  17. its probably because your sexist that you dont have a girlfriend and dont give me the i already have one bullshit you wouldnt be looking this up of you did

  18. closecombat3 says

    yes i very much agree so. if i were to buy a book on dating advice, getting a girlfriend etc. I would always make sure its a woman thats the author.

  19. SasukeLikesTwilight says

    No offence, but I feel kinda uncomfortable hearing it from a guy. It’s great advice, but girls know more about what they want.

  20. swissdragon15 says

    wow man im sorry for you, but dont tell her directly cuz if youre shy and dont really talk she might think youre a creep, but idk just try to let her know slowly, first you become friends, try to have nice conversations or something with her so shes confortable around you, when time is right shell either notice it or you ask her out on a date…good luck dude

  21. rodssslive says

    the fuck just do it

  22. demetrius53615 says

    i been single sence 2nd grade and i have a crush on a girl and she doesnt know.and if i go out with her i wont haveno idea what to do.
    and im shy at school sence 7th.right now im about to go to 9th grade..witch highschool.and i steel havent told her.i dont even have many friends to help me.i always go to the movies alone.

  23. relikvija says


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