First Date Tips : How to Enjoy a First Kiss

A first kiss is all about timing, and the person who initiates the kiss should stop first and look for a mutual anticipation in the other person’s eyes. Learn to enjoy a first kiss and be romantic withtips from the author of a dating book in this free video on relationship advice and first dates. Expert: Dr. Paul Vehorn Contact: Bio: Dr. Paul Vehorn has been a nationwide talk show host on Sun Radio Network and, and he has a Ph.D. in behavioral psychology. Filmmaker: Christopher Rokosz


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  2. mooiboy792 says

    haha he’s awesome xd

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  4. Byron10301 says

    Let your fantasy of today, be your reality tomorrow … tell that to Bin Laden lol!
    good video, thumbs up

  5. mackeral182 says

    Dr Paul just blew my mind …

  6. NaomiIsSoAwesome98 says

    I wanna try this on my first kiss but I’m afraid that guy will think that I’m rejecting the kiss

  7. JonahCanepa says

    @alga1994 hahahaha

  8. alga1994 says

    this guys a pimp

  9. 0:57 – I agree, it’s frigging more romantic to hesitate before the kiss, but is it effective? I mean, what if the other person rejected an incoming kiss? However, if you cared about the timing…
    Damn! There are so many techniques and ways to do it…

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    Finally someone who understands me I luv the mystery in a guy before he kisses me

  12. Roachehh says

    wow this was really good lol

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    damn.. good tipps dude!

  14. demoncrest says

    lol … you guys have a lot to look forward to, and believe me the fact it’s all happened earlier and earlier in age these days is pretty damn weird.

  15. timproviso says

    damn i felt the same

  16. timproviso says

    lol wow this Dr. is greatttt

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    fuck yeah lol, at least, it hopes it works…

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    Lol, the dude is a hypnotist or something, couldn’t turn my concentration elsewhere.

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    ah ah! I love this man! So sexually wise!

  20. pinksweetcat25 says

    same here but im 13 😛

  21. clodelle123 says

    Man… Im 12 and im justing wating for my first kiss. I can’t wait. My other freind, shes 12 as well and she already hoocked up with sombody. Damn..

  22. propertyofjoey says

    awesome..& true^^

  23. Bellingham1997 says

    this guy is sliiiiick!

  24. GabrielMuayThai says

    This guy made chicks like Megan fox his bitch on a daily basis, good shit dr paul.
    So true, today i meet this spanish girl, totally gorgeous and when we went to put our winter clothing on, we where leaving for the cinema, i crossed this Mistle(? Dunno in english) and i realised most spanish people don’t have this tradition, so I softly asked her if she know what it was, of course not. So i slowly lended her my hand and she grabbed, pulled her gently close to me and she even did the first move 🙂

  25. xxxxFlighteo says

    fuck me this guy is like hypnotist haha i couldnt stop looking

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