First Date Tips : How to Ask Someone Out for the First Time

When asking someone out on a first date, suggest something light and not intimidating, and remember to smile. Ask someone out for the first time in a way that will relax them with tips from the author of a dating book in this free video on relationship advice and first dates. Expert: Dr. Paul Vehorn Contact: Bio: Dr. Paul Vehorn has been a nationwide talk show host on Sun Radio Network and, and he has a Ph.D. in behavioral psychology. Filmmaker: Christopher Rokosz


  1. themodedacorn says

    I need more help please help me people of YouTube!

  2. brucedavis76 says

    go for it she’ll still be friends with you
    if she says no your only seventeen and
    it will help you when later on you ask other
    girls out

  3. tyrone199 says

    I love how you can hear “action” at the very start. Such a nice touch, intended or not.

  4. Mu5clehead says

    this dude has a PHd on Girls Studies

  5. konasvlogaccount says

    @amazingdany Soo true

  6. amazingdany says

    The best way to ask a woman out is to say:”Let’s get together and do something sometimes”… Not “Wanna go out?”

  7. xxmannylee1992xx says

    I’m in high school and going to ask someone out tomorow, she and and i have been good friends, we’ve went to the movies together and the junior prom just this weekend. This clip is gonna be very handy 😉

  8. beerbeerman101 says

    rong make friends trick them going romantic then ask them out more all he says is what not to do

  9. @666AHEAD666 same problem i have dude

  10. 666AHEAD666 says

    im 17, i wanna ask a girl out that a really good friend of mine. but i dont want it ruin our friendship if she rejects me

  11. Jameslewis153 says

    that why you dont have a date

  12. @BallStateStories It is really implied if its just the two of you…alone.

  13. what a pimp! good advice but it could be hard to adapt HIS way to everyone. After all this is only a “guideline”. Geting girls is hard and easy at the same time. Good luck to you all

  14. READ9130 says

    how would my friend ask out a girl who knows that he likes her and its really akward

  15. Headphoneguy92 says

    +1 sir, for randomness XD

  16. SolidVictory says

    But that’s different, that’s YOU! LOL!

  17. slashysmasher says

    watch 40 year old virgin where cal says you gotta plant alot seeds if you go out with her and then leave her alone for awhile you can get her back just keep the compliments frequent

  18. thesongwithinme says

    I usually ask the girl out for coffee. I think it’s perfect because it’s casual, non-threatening and a great atmosphere for conversation

  19. BallStateStories says

    Good, but how to you make it sound more like a date rather than it being just two friends having fun?

  20. RockinAkemiChan says

    nice video! I hope I could gather up the courage to ask this guy I like to a Halloween dance coming up! ^_^ Thanks for uploading!

  21. 72metallicafan says

    lol thanks man i might try this for the sadie hawkin dance =D

  22. What a good idea! Such a light suggestion. Bistros are so light!

  23. carpionw says

    i think this guy could get any girl in the world

  24. dinosaursrocksohard says

    I’m a girl. I’d say probably something like coffee; if you want to really pique her attention, try something creative (throwing paint at an empty wall in your room, stuff like that). 🙂

  25. Terrra91 says

    Yeah thanks man

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