First Date Tips : Best Topics for Good Conversations

On a first date, the best topics for good conversations are those that are not controversial, topics of common interest and something that is meaningful and warm. Discover the best topics for dating conversation, and how to avoid politics, withtips from the author of a dating book in this free video on relationship advice and first dates. Expert: Dr. Paul Vehorn Contact: Bio: Dr. Paul Vehorn has been a nationwide talk show host on Sun Radio Network and, and he has a Ph.D. in behavioral psychology. Filmmaker: Christopher Rokosz


  1. donkeyboy99 says

    Be sure and tell your date how many turtles you have or if you do not have any turtles, tell them how many you wish you had.

  2. SAnara007 says

    PETS????? I hate animals… u r the most sad Dr ever…

  3. JBthree24 says

    He is basically stating that talking about serious subjects like politics and religion are not the best choices of conversation, especially on a first date.

  4. TheLulila says

    i talk about politics at dates and it’s so funny :)))

  5. cutie81785 says

    @tyrone199, I agree politics can be an inteesting topic.Just make sure you know what you’re alking about,would’t want to look foolish

  6. ZombieGenocider21 says

    @meemeecrash its a example. He’s not really saying to actually talk about pets on the first date.

  7. meemeecrash says

    what the hell. why would i fuckin talk about my pet on a date

  8. lineriderlewis says

    dr, paul, dr paul, calling dr paul (8)

  9. eaglekiller23 says

    i like the way u think man! this guys is totally right!!! 😀

  10. wonszlol says

    An advice isn’t a way of life. Just a hint that you can or not adapt to your own life if you think it fits you.

  11. wiiiissam says

    take no fucking advice, just be yourself and ull do fine, if ppl cant accept u as u are, then they shall go to hell

  12. Goalkeeperlng says

    “This is Doctor Paul”… Go Fuck Urself

  13. everyone saying this is not entirely correct: if you know that, why are you watching the video? 😀

  14. tyrone199 says

    But surely talking about politics shows you have an opinion and are interested in the opinion of your date? It might not come across as so drab if it’s a light hearted approach.

  15. tyrone199 says

    …who’s trying to “shut the internet down”?

  16. blah blah blah. lol yeah you really worry me. Sorry I invaded this gay parade in here. No real man would ever bitch and whine like you pervs.

  17. plopsplipspladoodle says

    lol ok so i was trying to see you as intelligent and respond to your claims with according respect but now i see your just a dumb bitch, hope that works out…

  18. themachinegunn says

    i hate it when people talk about their pets…i dont give a fuck how cute your dog is

  19. then00bx0r says

    u are one whinny bitch. i feel sorry for the guy you were talking to.

  20. clockiminator says

    yep she is..

  21. Plops, I suggest “you” do some research into some of the reasons why some groups “want” & are petitioning our Gov. to shut down the internet. Until “you” know what “you’re” talking about, you’re suggestions are invalid & a waste of space, much more my time. Furthermore, Mind Your Own Business and don’t worry about what I type to a Derelict, less you find yourself in the same predicament. Now, YOU go learn something for a change, or at least, get your own life.

  22. plopsplipspladoodle says

    while i do understand you plight, this troll is obviously an asshole, i would also like to remind you to try to do some fact checking before you go make brash claims like “there shutting down the internet” .

  23. For what reason would you even say something like that to me? You’re one of the reasons they’re trying to shut the internet down idiot. Do you not know what a colonic is? It’s suppose to be for nutritional purposes, so if you’re thinking something else, go learn something for a change.

  24. ur a slut

  25. I was getting to know someone a little better, and he wanted to start talking about Enemas…Colonics. FREAKY for a first conversation. Never talked to him again. lol He said he couldn’t have a relationship with someone who didn’t do this. ROFL!

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