Fidel Castro in power

What is better: a dictator caring for his people or a democratic chosen president caring for his interests?

Fidel Castro in Power

Fidel Castro in Power

Fidel Castro in Power

Showing his true frail colors after his gastrointestinal surgery in July 2006, Fidel Castro’s last words in power were to resign. Why?

"It would betray my conscience to take up a responsibility that requires mobility and total commitment that I am not in physical condition to offer," said Fidel Castro…

Just have a look at the health record of US presidents… Not to mention their emotional state: remember Clinton’s parent died? No problem, carry on the next day as if all is ok …

Amazing you will say. Well: when was the last time you had a terrible cold but you did show up to work? Amazing? Most likely you under-perform big time…

Does Bush think voters or US citizens benefit

Would you condemn a whole nation because you don’t like the face 1 of them?

Fidel Castro Biography

Fidel Castro Biography:
thanks to the US embargo
Cuba has the biggest amount of driving vintage cars!

After 50 years and Fidel Castro no more in power: the United States vowed to keep the economic and diplomatic screws on Cuba.

What is the benefit of the US citizen? You tell me.

What is the benefit of politicians? Not to lose all the "I hate Cuba" voters due to deep feelings about what happened between Cuba and the US about 50 years ago…

Can you really condemn 1 entire country?

If you can condemn 25% US citizens not to have healthcare, it can not be that difficult to condemn a whole nation next to you with a political and economical embargo.

The eyesore is that healthcare in Cuba is completely free for everybody…

So what is fair and what isn’t fair when it comes to democracy?

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