Farting reindeer

farting reindeerToday we celebrate the farting reindeer at Linky Love‘s Pets on Tuesday. Every year exactly 3 months and 7 days after Christmas, we celebrate the reindeer that didn’t make it to Santa Claus due to some windy issues.

How to join the farting reindeer picture celebration?

All you have to do is try to fulfill the list below or work your way down as far as you can

  • link to any page on the Internet that talks about a farting reindeer (it’s all about how to make money online link love: love the farting reindeer never receives, except on this special day…)
  • annoy hit 7 people to do the same
  • add a picture of a farting reindeer
  • post about any other rare species of animal you know (like the Ratty Papersurfer)

You got hit by the reindeer!


  1. It was the sound that came out of that Reindeer that cought my attention!

    All the best

  2. @Wolfbernz

    Thanks for joining: much are far more better than John Chow 😈

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