Evil John Chow

John Chow has a pen that he wants to deliver to someone but evil as John Chow is:

  • John Chow want’s others to pay for the stamp and postage
  • John Chow doesn’t say to whom he wants to send the pen to

So Evil John Chow‘s pen traveled to Matt Jones, Matt didn’t feel he was faithed to keep the pen so sent it to Jay.

Jay who only writes with hunny-golden pens sent it to Greg Stratz in Canada.

Canada is too cold for anything, so the pen went to Anand in India.

Owee: to much rain and monsoon in India, so now the pen is on it’s way to me…

Who thinks he or she is faithed to receive the evil John Chow pen? If you are as evil as John Chow: you could make big bucks out of the pen once John Chow is….. really evil 🙂


  1. John Chow is not evil. I have met him a couple times and he’s a stand up guy. Funny post, anyhow. I wonder what kind of pen that was…

  2. Hy linkylove.
    I’m shypy, and I’d love to get the pen. i assure you taht i’ll keep it circulating. Thanks =)

  3. So do I get the pen now? Where do i send my postal/mailing address?

  4. Hi. I have written a list on my blog of other sites that offer links for reviews (in order of Page Rank). I thought you might be interested in adding yours or using the list to get some links from some high PR blogs. If its of use, maybe you would be kind enough to link to it on your blog. Thanks David


  5. what about giving it to me

  6. I adore John Chow’s “evil” smily 🙂 also his way of playing inside the box when thinking outside the box. Looking forward for his golden pen 🙂 will take a pic soonest it arrives.

  7. @shypy and @Hem

    Euhm, did I say i was going to give away the John Chow pen? How much are you prepared to pay for getting the exclusive John Chow pen?

    Who said I am evil? 😈

  8. Hi David,

    Add me to your list since I added a How Linky Love will add your link for your review page.

    Would be great if you add that my predicted PR will be 5 since my blog wasn’t born when the previous PR was given…


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